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Experts In Trace Elemental Analysis

We are experts in ICP-MS and XRF, analysis techniques that can provide quantitative results for elements and isotopes in solid, gaseous and liquid samples. We have build up over a decade of experience in all these application fields, in both academic as well as commercial settings in the fields of solid-state science, biochemistry, geology,  hydrology and many more. We offer our expertise to advise and train operators from the undergraduate to the PhD level.

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Basic & Advanced ICP-MS/XRF Training & Support

On-site or remote lab operator and technician training on instrument operation and maintenance procedures. Support for commissioning of instrumentation and organizing lab operations, in commercial labs as well as academic and governmental environments.

Tender Support

Support during the procurement/tender process for advanced instrumentation by offering independent input, specifications and perspective on offers.

Method Development

Expert support in setting up new ICP-MS or XRF analysis methods and approaches for specific sample types.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for trace elemental analysis and imaging.

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Mineralogy and crystallography is essential in today’s Earth sciences and exploration. AtomScopy works together with labs specialized in mineral analysis in order to provide the latest insights into elemental fingerprinting. 

Our experience in mettalomics for both endogenous elements in tissues and biominerals, as well as metal target detection for pharmaceutical studies can help you to get your project on track.

Materials such as ceramics, glasses, polymers, metal alloys, semi-conductors to bespoke composites can be a challenge to analyze. AtomScopy offers expert advice and strategies to tackle even the most exotic solid materials.

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Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry is a highly sensitive material analysis technique that can provide quantitative results for elements and different isotopes in samples at the nanogram per liter level.

X-Ray Analysis

X-ray techniques such as XRF can provide qualitative and quantitative information on many samples down to the nanogram per gram level. It is well-suited for routine analysis due to its modest operating costs.

Optical Atomic Spectroscopy

Various techniques such as Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy or Atomic absorption/emission spectroscopy are common techniques for quantifying metals in a wide variety of liquids and solids. These instruments are suited for general use as they have low operating costs and are relatively easy to operate.