Elemental Microscale Imaging / Solid sampling

Laser Ablation ICP-MS

Laser Ablation (LA) ICP-MS is a powerful elemental imaging technique which can visualize the spatial distribution of almost any element in solid samples with a resolution of 1-100 micrometer. The technique is highly sensitive with detection limits down to zeptogram levels (or ppb – parts per billion).

XRF Imaging

X-ray fluorescence imaging systems are a powerful tool to non-destructively visualize elements in solid samples. The technique is generally applicable to low mass elements and has low operating costs compared to other techniques. This is why this technique is a popular choice in routine labs.

Bulk Analysis


ICP-MS/OES is a versatile, powerful elemental analysis techniques which can handle almost any liquid sample. Extremely low (ppt) detection limits and very good linear dynamic range make this technique one of the most popular analysis techniques in the field of elemental analysis. This technique is often used in combination with sample digestion procedures, such as microwave digestion.

XRF Analyzer

XRF pellet analyzers provide a fast and reliable method of major element analysis, suitable for materials that can be pelletized using a pellet press and a binder material.